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This site is the homepage and personal variety column of Alex Guichet, a product manager and designer. Read the intro to get the vibe.

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Conflict Disclosures

I work at a company that's accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy. My long-term diversified financial investment strategies strongly correlate with my personal preferences and beliefs, in renewable energy, technology, and entertainment. My work and investments do not directly motivate or drive my content, but obviously my interests are intrinsically linked.

Monetization and a pledge for the future

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Affiliate links have become a common practice in online publishing. I will use external affiliate links—when it makes sense—to help monetize content on this site. Affiliate links work by attaching tags to URLs, but are not used to directly de-anonymize your traffic to another website or service. In turn for using affiliate links, I occasionally receive a small percentage of your purchases.


AlexGuichet.com is not necessarily a venture for profit. Should any revenue ever be greater than my production or hosting costs, I pledge to donate portions of any profit to programs in line with my opinions that will do good for the world. I want my online presence to be a force for good.


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