Hey! I'm Alex Guichet. By day, I'm a product manager and designer. By night, I juggle too many side projects.

This refresh of AlexGuichet.com is my new homepage / open-ended column where I explore and write about things that I find important or interesting and want to share. I forked this site from the source of my gaming column, The Missing Quests, about two years ago, but this took me too long to publish.

Why did it take so long?

I had a list of plans but haven't had the time to build the initial content base I wanted to start with. Plus, some of my interests have shifted in this pandemic era. I no longer resonate with some of my original drafts—but I guess that's generally true with old writing.

Why now?

I started this post with a placeholder title (and internal challenge): "Just Write ." I want to write more—I'm worried my writing muscle is starting to atrophy. I also believe in making the internet I want to participate in, so by posting content I want to read—open high-level thought and discussion—I'm on a path to achieve that goal.

What's AlexGuichet.com going to be?

An open-ended column. I'm following my impulse of what's important or interesting to me. From what I know about myself, I'll explore and write about the following:

Tech, AI, Space, and Environment Policy & Philosophy

This space fascinates me more than probably anything else. Expect many personal opinions here. I should also disclose conflict: I work at a company that's accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy. My long-term diversified financial investment strategies strongly correlate with my personal preferences and beliefs. My work or investments do not motivate or drive my content, but know my interests are intrinsically linked.

Ideas & Proposed Implementations to, well, nearly anything.

I'm an ideas person, and I have a near-incessant itch to solve exciting problems creatively and pragmatically.

Workflow and Creative Process

I'm exploring and trying to formalize and catalyze my creative process—openly writing about new strategies I'm trying could help me.

Commentary on Current Events & Politics

I'm a leftist and globalist. (I really don't mind if you disagree with me, but I expect we can be cordial about it.)

Celebrating individualism, Non-traditional Lifestyles, & Neurodivergency

I'm as non-traditional and non-default as they come. I'm gay, married, and I haven't followed a typical trajectory through life. I also have ADHD and a smattering of mental health issues. Neurodivergency and mental health are generally taboo topics to discuss in society today; it shouldn't be.

Hope for the future

Don't expect darkness or negativity here. That's not me. (Chaos? Well, perhaps.)

This will change rapidly.

I built my CMS for me from the ground up, and it's infinitely flexible for my needs. I design by discovery and iteration. As I find a cadence and see some trends emerge here, I'll change up the sidebar and site structure from time to time.


I want your feedback! Do you have thoughts on a post? Should I build a comment system? My inbox is open: alex@alexguichet.com.

I'll see you around. ✨